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CLTD learning off-site 

The Hamilton Chapter's CLTD certification exam review workshop series can be offered if there is a group interest in participating 

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Chapter Survey Notice

To help us understand needs of our membership we are going to start weekly one question surveys (yes, just 1 question).
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CPIM Reconfiguration

CPIM has been rebranded (Part1 and Part2).  Part1 is a beefed up Basics (or BSCM) and    Part2 is an amalgamation of the other 4      modules (i.e., MPR, DSP, ECO, and SMR).  

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Focused Workshop Update

Lean Inventory and Production Management Focus Workshop

Are you ready to succeed?
This one-day workshop will focus on Lean Production Management and Lean Inventory

  ** Date: TBD **

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APICS Certified Logistics, Transportation, & Distribution  (CLTD)

The APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) designation will set you apart from your peers, make you more valuable to your organization and position you for success.

Why earn the APICS CLTD credential?
As an APICS CLTD designee, you will have the skills and knowledge it takes to get noticed by employers and stand out from your peers.  Earning the APICS CLTD credential will demonstrate your commitment to advancing both your career and your company’s operations

The benefits of the APICS CLTD
Earning the APICS CLTD credential will help you:
  • Master essential knowledge needed by logistics, transportation and distribution professionals
  • Enables you to bring new ideas to your organization
  • Remain current with global logistics trends and developments
  • Provide you with the tools to help you work smarter
  • Boost your confidence with recognition as a logistics expert

APICS CLTD designees will demonstrate their knowledge of the strategies and concepts that enable organizations to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and perform at a higher level.

Who should earn this designation?
The APICS CLTD is designed for logistics, transportation and distribution professionals across all industries, especially:
  • Logistics managers/engineers
  • Supply chain logistics managers
  • Traffic managers
  • Transportation/fleet managers
  • Warehouse operations/distribution managers
  • Reverse logistics managers

No matter where you are in your career, earning the APICS CLTD credential will demonstrate your mastery of a broad range of logistics, transportation and
distribution topics.
CLTD Domains
The CLTD body of knowledge is made up of the following four domains:

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Overview
  • Capacity Planning and Demand Management
  • Order Management
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Transportation
  • Global Logistics Considerations
  • Logistics Network Design
  • Reverse Logistics and Sustainability
  • Supply Chain Management Fundamentals
CLTD Exam Preparation
To help prepare you for the CLTD exam, APICS has developed the CLTD Learning System. Based on the CLTD body of knowledge, the learning system is a comprehensive professional development and exam preparation program. It combines print materials with interactive online tools to deliver a customized learning experience.
To earn the APICS CLTD designation, candidates must pass one comprehensive four-hour exam.
Becoming a CLTD Candidate
The CLTD examination is available to individuals who have relevant work experience and education. To be eligible for the CLTD exam, a candidate must meet one of the following criteria:
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent, plus two years of related business experience
  • CTL, CSCP, CSCP-F, CPIM, CPIM-F, CIRM, SCOR-P, C.P.M., CSM, or CPSM designation 
  • Three years of related business experience.
Individuals must submit an application documenting their
eligibility to take the APICS CLTD exam. 
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