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Chapter News

CLTD learning off-site 

The Fall 2019 APICS CLTD certification exam review workshop is now being offered in Burlington 

Click here for Fall 2019 CLTD workshop

Click here for details of CLTD Certification

CPIM Reconfiguration

CPIM is being rebranded (Part1 and Part2). Part1 is a beefed up Basics (or BSCM) and Part2 is an amalgamation of the other 4 modules (i.e., MPR, DSP, ECO, and SMR).  

Click here for details of CPIM Part 1 & 2

Click here for reconfiguration timeline

Click here for running commentary blog

Focused Workshop Update

Lean Inventory and Production Management Focus Workshop

Are you ready to succeed?
This one-day workshop will focus on Lean Production Management and Lean Inventory

  ** Date: TBD **

Click here to see past offering details 

( servicing the Golden Horseshoe )

APICS Foundational Courses: Ensure your Knowledge Base is Strong

APICS Customer Focused Supply Chain Management
This course:
  • meets the basic informational needs of individuals who interact with and support supply chain professionals.
  • gives an insider's view of supply chain management, offering fundamental knowledge of the functions of supply chain management.
  • teaches you to interact and support supply chain activities as efficiently and effectively as possible.
      Learn more about this course 

APICS Principles of Operations Management
The APICS Principles program:
  • delivers the tools you need to master the basics of materials and operations management.
  • provides a solid understanding of inventory control, planning, manufacturing control, and operations management.
     Learn more about this program

APICS Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
APICS offers the Introduction to ERP course to help:
  • ERP project managers, consultants employed as ERP integrators, and organizations beginning an ERP implementation.
  • professionals determine if your organization is ready for ERP.
     Learn more about this course