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Chapter News

CLTD learning off-site 

The Hamilton Chapter's CLTD certification exam review workshop series can be offered if there is a group interest in participating 

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Chapter Survey Notice

To help us understand needs of our membership we are going to start weekly one question surveys (yes, just 1 question).
Please take 30 seconds to answer - thanks.  

CPIM Reconfiguration

CPIM has been rebranded (Part1 and Part2).  Part1 is a beefed up Basics (or BSCM) and    Part2 is an amalgamation of the other 4      modules (i.e., MPR, DSP, ECO, and SMR).  

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Focused Workshop Update

Lean Inventory and Production Management Focus Workshop

Are you ready to succeed?
This one-day workshop will focus on Lean Production Management and Lean Inventory

  ** Date: TBD **

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( servicing the Golden Horseshoe )

APICS Lean Enterprise Workshop Series

As more organizations go lean, the demand for skilled workers and a system-wide approach for developing and implementing lean project plans is escalating. This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to map the path to lean culture at your organization.
This workshop will give you the tools to:
  • complete a self-assessment to determine your organization's readiness to implement lean
  • gain practical experience analyzing how to incorporate lean into organizations
  • develop a project plan for implementing lean into your organization
The APICS Lean Enterprise Workshop Series is organized so you can approach and understand the lean transformation process systematically. Using scenarios from a fictitious company, Murphy's Toys, you will be tasked with finding lean solutions to numerous challenges. This method will provide you with the flexibility to immediately customize what you've learned and implement it at your own organization.
Seven Workshops
 This workshop will allow you to gain an overview of the many components of implementing a lean transformation in your organization and gauge your organization's readiness through a hands-on assessment.
Lean Culture
 Explore the effects of a lean implementation on your employees and learn about the importance of teams will be the focus of this workshop. The Kaizen, a team-oriented continuous improvement event, will be introduced in this section.
Value Stream Mapping
 This workshop will teach value stream mapping and its value for viewing processes and determining potential areas of improvement. Tasks will include drawing a current position map and then learning about concepts to help you improve your future position.
Stability and Process Improvements
 Learn how to improve process stability and achieve demand stability and improve manufacturing process efficiencies in this workshop.
 Determine customer demand, standard work, line balancing and many other tools to meet customer demand during this important workshop. Participants will explore the use of a heijunka system to meet customer demand through a hands-on activity.
 In this workshop you will review the way a lean company measures and then how to align those measurements with objectives. Topics include lean accounting, inventory costs, target costs and lead time.
 Learn about the long-term changes to sustain the gains made in the final workshop. Topics include lean design, analyzing failures and ensuring ongoing quality control and continuous improvement.